Valencia 2017

So it’s my first blog post since this time last year- starting my first “proper” job and Daz and I buying our first house meant that there hadn’t been any holidays for a while… which lead to about 2 months ago, me starting to nag Dazza to book a holiday. We have a big trip to Indonesia booked for September but decided to head to Valencia for 5 nights for my birthday. (Still determined to spend as many birthdays abroad as possible!)

We caught a train before 4am to Luton Airport which was so busy with all the crazy early flights! We grabbed breakfast from Pret and then took the 2 hour plane to Valencia. We Air B n B’d again and ended up finding our host sat having a coffee after she shouted across the café at us! The apartment was one of our best Air B n Bs yet with an amazing people watching window seat and balcony where we sat and had many glasses of wine and played cards.


On our first day, we wandered round the local area and got smoothies and sandwiches (the smoothie I dropped down myself in the process of taking these pictures). We did some shopping then went for a drink where I got a pina colada the size of my head- exactly what I needed to relax away from work!


The second day we explored Valencia’s old town which was lovely and visited a local food market, which was huge but I saw the fish counter and ran out when I saw the tank of live eels! We grabbed a drink nearby and as Daz was peckish and can’t resist a bargain, he had a beer and a plate of prawns for 5 Euros… We then discovered the excitement of Menu Del Días where you can get two or three courses from a set menu at lunchtime for about 10-12 Euros. I had tapas and Daz had the first of many paellas to be eaten. We also went to the park in Valencia which is really long and you can walk along it all the way to the new town. Daz even picked a Valencia orange (and cut his hand in the process and we didn’t even end up eating the orange, but it’s the experience that counts??)


The next day was my birthday and we headed to the beach. It was 34 degrees so for once, we were sensible in the sun and payed for sun loungers and an umbrella. Another rarity was that Daz read a book on the beach, so I took great pleasure in asking for as many updates as possible and insisting on playing 20 questions, as it is always the other way round as I’m normally trying to multi-task reading and entertaining Dazza on the beach. The waves in the sea were pretty big on our first visit and we ended up covered in seaweed when we got back to the apartment!


Daz being ever organised, had booked the most amazing restaurant for my birthday with the most incredible view. We had a table on the terrace (as our Air b n b host was amazing and kept ringing the restaurant to check on the reservation!) and ate paella and some great desserts. We got home and spent the rest of the night sat on the balcony people watching and drinking some great Valencian wine.


On the Sunday we headed for a drink in the morning in a nice courtyard we visited for ice cream the other day as we found, there is pretty much nothing open in Spain on a Sunday morning! We then went for lunch at a café we’d seen across the road from our apartment and had a great menu del día. They didn’t speak much English and started to pack away the restaurant with us still in it so we took that as our cue to leave!



We then headed on the tube to the park and walked the rest of the way to the new town in Valencia which was one of my favourite bits. Daz said it was a bit like a mini Dubai. We wandered round the pools and had ice cream. We walked all the way to a big shopping centre where I had a bit of a strop because I was so hot and made sure we weren’t going to walk home! Daz got told off in the supermarket for not packing his bags away properly which was so funny. We were also told off in a café when we tried to order cake at the counter and were shouted at to sit down. So we sat down and then after 5 minutes of not being served, ran away to McDonalds to get donuts!


Our last full day was of course spent at the beach again (although less sensibly I sat in the sun for the whole day and got burnt). The sea wasn’t as choppy this time so we went swimming together and managed to not bring back so much seaweed to the apartment!


The next morning we hoovered up the rest of the breakfast stuff we’d bought for our stay (a welcome change to our healthy work breakfasts, we had chocolate cereal, pan au chocolats and muffins) and headed back to the airport. My craving for a holiday has just about being satisfied although I am massively counting down to our big trip now in September! I’d massively recommend Valencia as there’s so much variety and so much great food!


Thanks for reading 🙂


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